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About sharon

Sharon St.Clair, is a certified Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant that helps people connect and resolve issues with loved ones on the other side. 

She receives messages from Spirit confirming information that she feels, hears, or sees. Sometimes its like playing charades with Spirit and interpreting the symbols your loved ones are showing me. 

Readings: Only after being granted permission Sharon uses her Clairvoyance, and "Tunes in" to her clients energy through their voice vibration.  In distance, either with a name or holding a photo/object using Psychometry is useful for phone readings but not necessary.

"Everyone can increase their awareness and sensitivity to Spirit through breath and meditation -(listening to God), or  by prayer-(speaking to God)"

Private sessions offer practical, grounded, usable guidance that heal by opening a pathway to attain the change and success clients desire.  

"I know who I am in truth, I know what I am in truth, I know how I serve in truth"

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My reading with Sharon was an extremely enlightening experience. She was right on target. I would highly encourage anyone seeking insight, not only into their own lives, but also into those who have passed on. I thank you so much Sharon.
— Charlotte
Sharon is incredibly accurate and insightful! She spoke to me with clarity about the past and current situations, as well as what to expect in the near future. I was very moved by her sensitivity, and came away quite enlightened by her messages. Simply stated, Sharon is terrific, and I will be telling all my friends to call her!!!
— Joanne de Simone

My session was quite special, and contained so much wisdom, love and healing. Questions were answered, and guidance received. An unexpected jewel was my Mom showing me a method to use where I can “visit” with her when needing one-on-one connection with her. A true gift, which I have already engaged in — and with warm, loving and accurate results.

Sharon is a gifted medium, and so appreciate that she allowed the session to be “real” including her sharing where I did learn that beautiful things do still happen.
— Margo

I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Sharon at a psychic event at Opus 40. Everything she discussed with me was so validating! Without me saying a word, she started talking about my life’s passion and we had a very motivating conversation. Her psychic reading has inspired me to continue on my path and I am currently working on many of the things she and I discussed. Very fortunate to have met her and connected that day!
— Christine